What Brings Unique Flavor In Our BBQ Sauce

Sassy Jones BBQ.

Sassy Jones Sauce and Spice Co. was started in 1986 by Bill and Sharon Jones.

The original BBQ sauce was developed in 1895 by Bill's grandfather Jasper Jones of Carrollton, Mississippi. The sauce is blended with 24 spices to give Sassy Jones Sauce a smooth, tangy and unique flavor not found in other sauces. They label the sauce with various customers labels - the problem with that is you might get 10 or 15 sauces all the same, just with different labels.

Sassy Jones BBQ.

Sassy Jones went a different direction. We process our sauces in small batches and personally control every step of production from mixing, bottling, labeling and shipping. We do it all, and we do it RIGHT!

We use the finest ingredients available! 

We are proud of our COMPANY, proud of our PRODUCTS and proud of our CUSTOMERS who have enjoyed our products since 1986 and have made us one of the largest selling specialty BBQ Sauces in Arkansas. If it has Sassy Jones on the label you know it's good - after all our family eats this STUFF TOO ! SASSY JONES SAUCE & SPICE CO. GUARANTEED GOOD SINCE 1986 BILL JONES PhB Philosopher of Barbeque  SASSY JONES SAUCE & SPICE CO. 1-800-50-SASSY